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Market Entry Consulting

Japan, the world’s third largest economy, provides high value-added business capital for high rate of return. 

Japan has a strong pool of highly skilled and diligent labor, empowered by increasing female and global talent. 

The well-known Japanese companies such as Hitachi, Sony, Panasonic, Nissan, and Toyota are the key benchmark targets. 

We are based in Tokyo, Japan, to support your company for comprehensive technology research and market research study of Japan.  

The correct and latest information determine

the success or failure of your company in Japan...

Do not do it alone...

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Increasing Focuses

AI Technologies

Reinforcement Learning

Federated Learning

Cognitive Manufacturing

Autonomous Mobile Robots


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Energy Technologies

Green Hydrogen

Carbon Upcycling

Solid-state Batteries

Fuel cells



ICT&Robotic Technologies

Cognitive Radio


Multi-cloud Automation




Satellite monitoring


What Can We Help?

We has specialists in various technology fields and provide valuable information and recommendations for your technology strategies. 

We provide a quantitative study of the market size of a specific product or service, as well as qualitative information such as business environment, trends, and competition in Japanese market. 

We provide the end-to-end service, including Japanese landing page creation, appointment-taking service, and sales&marketing support service. We help your company expand your business in Japan. 

Case Studies

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