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Japan Technology Research

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Best Practice Identification

  • Identifying industrial best practices in Japan market; including R&D, new product innovation, product innovation, etc.

Technology Convergence

  • Identifying the potential Japan technologies that can  integrate into your technologies and services to address unestablished markets and unsatisfied customer needs.

Technology Benchmarking

  • Identifying and understanding key competitors in Japan, and gaining insights on competitors’ technology offerings. 

Case Studies

「Identifying Growth Opportunities in the Automotive Industry」

Background: Artificial intelligence (AI) has been acting as a key technology for transforming the automotive industry. Japanese automotive OEMs are focusing on the adoption of AI technologies, and there has been a surge in the development of AI technologies in various areas such as R&D, supply chain management, manufacturing processes, mobility services, and customer experience in Japan.

Client: IT vendor

Deliverables: We identified the technical opportunities in the automotive industry of Japan market, including voice control, telematics, in-vehicle cameras, personal platforms, in-vehicle assistants, reinforcement learning of human behavior and natural language processing, and AI systems to enhance safety and achieve personality. It helps our client to align its technical & service development strategy in Japan market.

「Scenario Planning for Technology Convergence with Japan Technologies」

Background: Technology convergence refers to the integration of multiple technologies and services in different domains. By combining the company's technology with latest Japan technologies, the company can address unestablished markets and unsatisfied customer needs, create new business models, solutions, and innovative products, and lead to the company's growth and the creation of new businesses.

Client: AI startup

Deliverables: We conducted the study of various technology convergence scenarios, in which the integration of many advanced Japanese technologies and the client's technology, including the next-generation manufacturing process platform, real-time detection monitor, and digital immortality.

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